123Telugu’s track record of fake collections !

123Telugu once again proved as the  web official partner of Mahesh Babu  faking collections each and every time , fooling readers with their biased news.  Simple example Last time when on Businessman release   , this site has published USA collection for 1 week as 10.08 crores whereas the official figures were just $700k (3.78 crore appox) for full run. Not only overseas , They published a share of 42+ crores for 1st week and as all know the full run figures are just 38+ crores.

This same site along with some other sites like gasandhra who  all belong to same community always show their love towards  Mahesh Babu ,  They once again started their bogus propaganda pumping up SVCS collections to prove themselves wrong one more time in future.

Check this  Businessman 1st week – fake collections  report published by 123telugu .