11 year old boy sodomised and Killed

11-year-old-boy-killedIn a shocking incident, An 11-year-old boy from Barkas of the old city in Hyderabad was found murdered after possibly being subjected to sodomising by a 16- year old boy.

The 11 years old Mohammed Khan was found dead o the rooftop of a govt school in Barkas in a decomposing state after one week. He was allegedly sodomised by 16- year old Daasthagiri and later murdered him.

After a preliminary investigation, the police said Dastagiri has sexually abused around 16 boys below his age and used to pay them.Fearing that the boy might tell about his actions to others, the accused murdered by hitting him on his head with an iron rod. The accused was identified with the help of CCTV footage.

Mohamad had been missing since June 28 and his parents had lodged a complaint with police.

South Zone Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Satyanarayana alleged that Social media and lack of parental supervision, and cheap stuff on social media are the main reasons for pervert sexual activities among youth.