108 to answer to violence against women

The popular “108″ service is now taking on an additional role acting as a first responder in instances of violence against women. Mooted as the Delhi governments follow up to the infamous gang-rape incident, the same is now set to be adopted in Andhra Pradesh as well. Women’s groups have already met with Home Minister Sabita Indira Reddy and are now saying the Home Minster was always postive about the demand.

There are some concerns that there already exists a 100 helpline to contact the police and this will only unnecessarily burden the 108 services. The ambulance services have been in a lot of troubles recently with regard to payment of staff etc. Women’s groups and those supporting the demand however insist that it is only a matter of political will to strengthen the service and that the existing system are already failing and should not be promoted as the answer to the issue.(ABN)